The Mineral & Land Records System (MLRS) consolidated the functions of the Alaska Land Information System (ALIS) for 2800 and 2900 cases on Monday, June 26th 2023. Please use the MLRS Community at MLRS Home and MLRS reports at MLRS Reports going forward for your data and reporting needs pertaining to 2800 and 2900 cases.

Spatial Data Management System

Welcome to the Bureau of Land Management's Spatial Data Management System (SDMS). This website provides access to on-line BLM-Alaska land record documents, reports, and an interactive web map application.

Alaska Case Reporting Enterprise System (ACRES)

The ACRES reports contain BLM Alaska case information. Reports include native, state and private land conveyance cases, as well as, leases, permits, federal mining claims, easements and more.
Coming Fall 2024: The Alaska Case Reporting Enterprise Systems (ACRES) is being migrated to the Mineral & Land Records System (MLRS). Visit to stay up-to-date with MLRS.

Lands, Minerals, and Realty (LMaR) Interactive Map

The Lands, Minerals, and Realty interactive map provides access to multiple geospatial layers including: mining claims, mining plans, conveyed lands, selected lands, withdrawals, easements and more. Layers within the map provide direct hyperlinks to case information, master title plats, historical indexes, survey information, and mining information.

Conveyance Documents

Scanned images of BLM Alaska land conveyance documents including: Patents, Tentative Agreements and Interim Conveyances issued since 1965.

Master Title Plats

Scanned images of BLM Alaska MTPs. These maps portray the Bureau's record of current federal land ownership and land status.

Survey Plats

Scanned images of Cadastral land survey plats and field notes.

ANCSA 17(b) Easement Maps

Scanned images of federal easements across native lands, presented on USGS quadrangles.

Alaska Public Laws, Orders and Directives Online

Scanned images of federal Alaska Public Laws, Orders and Directives.

Please note that the on-line data and documents available through this site do not constitute nor replace official legal records, documents or case files. Refer to specific records on file at BLM for official record information.

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