The Mineral & Land Records System (MLRS) consolidated the functions of the Alaska Land Information System (ALIS) for 2800 and 2900 cases on Monday, June 26th 2023. Please use the MLRS Community at MLRS Home and MLRS reports at MLRS Reports going forward for your data and reporting needs pertaining to 2800 and 2900 cases.

Spatial Data Management System

MTP Online
Enter Township:

Master Title Plats are identified by the Meridian, Township, and range. The single letters "C, F, K, S, U" are used for meridians and the single letters "N, S, E, W" are used for direction.

Letters may be entered as either upper or lower case and with or without leading zeros.

For example, enter T. 1 N., R. 1 E., Fairbanks Meridian using one of the following formats:
  • f1n1e
  • f-1n1e
  • F-001N001E
  • 1n1ef
  • F 1 N 1 E
Fractional townships are entered as ".5" For example "c 36.5s 45e".