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Alaska Public Laws, Orders and Directives Display Entry Form

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Ways to Enter data
There are several ways to find a Public Law

1. Enter Document number without leading zeros or hyphens

2. Enter the year or number followed by a wild card (%).

3. Enter % for all documents for a given type

Note: All queries only return documents for the selected Document Type


%All documents for a given type
18720404Act of Congress 4/4/1872
19%All documents beginning with 19
1903%All documents written in 1903
123Will return 123, 123_1, 123A, 123_half, etc.

Document naming conventions

* Some documents have an underscore followed by a digit (i.e. - 123_1). This means that there were different documents refering to the same project. For example, the first document may have established the project, the second may have ammended it.

* The "_half" following some documents indicates that the document was named with a one-half extension. See Executive Order 1919_half for an example.