Spatial Data Management System


October, 2018
Removed D1 link from download page
ANCSA D1 withdrawal layer has been removed for review.
June, 2018
New Site Look and Feel
SDMS Alaska has been upgraded to match BLM's new look and feel after a short period of unavailability due to unexpected hardware failure. We are hopeful that this will create a better browsing experience for users.
Removed Generalized Land Status Layer
Generalized Land Status has been removed from SDMS. We recommend the use of detailed land status layers insead. Although detailed land status layers are still not as precise as survey in uncollected areas, they are much more precise and provide similar information to Generalized Land Status, as well as more detailed information where two or more layers overlap.
Archived Old News
The much outdated news has been archived and is no longer available. The latest news entries prior to this update were in 2011. News will now be updated when a significant change is made to SDMS Alaska.