Spatial Data Management System

Query Protracted and Surveyed Township and Section Corners
Meridian, Township, and Range

For GIS mapping and analytical use. These protracted coordinates precisely map the township and section coordinates as defined on the official BLM protraction diagrams. Not for use in determining area computations. Please consult official BLM protraction diagrams for the record protracted area.

For information regarding the results of this query, please review Protraction Data Dictionary.

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Township Format: <C|F|K|S|U> <township> <N|S> <range> <E|W>

One township per line. All spaces are optional. Leading zeros are allowed but not required.

Add ".5" in township or range to denote fractional. Use hyphens to specify multiple townships or ranges (excludes fractional townships and ranges).

C 036.5S 45  E
C 21   S 11.5E
C 1-10 N 1 E
C 1-10 N 2-10 E
CSV Text Format